​​​​​​​Eyewear We Carry At Envision Boulder

At Envision Boulder, we carry independent eyewear brands that are individually handcrafted with the best materials.
We believe that proper fitting of eyewear based on your eyeglass prescription, pupillary distance, face shape and personality lends to eyewear that not only allows you to see your best, but also feel your best.

The quality of your lenses is essential to your ability to see clearly. We use the best lens materials available to give you the best optics. Our office is unique in that we edge (cut lenses to fit your frame) most of our lenses in our office. This not only provides a faster turnaround time for your new glasses, as we do not need to send the majority of them to a lab, but it allows our opticians to oversee the processing of your glasses from start to finish.

eyeglass lens cutting machine